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Years ago, I visited a greeting card company. The company had a huge file and storage system for reference images in their inhouse art department for their designers to use to help in creating new greeting card designs. As an airbrush Artist, I too found myself compiling my own library of reference images which now fills milk crates, boxes and notebooks. Everything from body building, rodeo, trout fishing to craft nursing and glamour magazines, coloring books, comic books, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, wholesale and retail product guides and catalogs... reference images can be found anywhere and everywhere. You never know when they might come in handy and be just perfect for what you need. It's always a pain in the butt not to have one when you need it and have to spend valuable time searching the internet or running around town looking for a photo of a moose (Deer Hunting magazines "Bambi Killers!") or a "70 Camaro(Packaging for a 1/32nd size model car and smelly glue).

I have heard several people ask or talk about wanting or needing reference images of one sort or another since finding and participating in Steven Craig's Yahoo! Group, Custom Paint And Airbrushing or CP&A (my coinage and contribution in shortening Steven's super long title that takes one full minute to type the url to!). If I remember correctly... the first time I typed at Steven, he was searching the net for the "Keep On Truckin'" Zoot suited foot stuck in your face Dude that I had a black light poster of hanging in my bedroom back in 1975.
I have been collecting since that first IM conversation with Steven. I am a natural born pack rat and I collect very well. I have collected and watched my collections be lost in 2 hard drive failures. I have accumulated a fair amount of images now that could be called a decent sized image library and I have finally, after all this time, made the webpages and uploaded a few of my files to my half made website to help folks in their painting projects. Finally! Took me long enough but... here it is...YAY!

The files I have to share with you are not drawn, painted, created in anyway by me. I do not claim them as mine and don't remember where alot of them came from. These images have been taken from my temporary internet files when it overflows. I have categorized the images as the files grew in number and made the entire folders into slide shows leaving out the images that weren't large or clear enough for other people to get an idea of what the image is. The images are not being put online for you to copy or reproduce. Rather to get the creative wheels turning, to stimulate those amazing imaginations we airbrush artists and custom painters have that we keep dousing with reducers and layering with polymers, to educate through the study of shapes, light sources, use of color, composition, perspective, angles of view and proportions to name a few.
This is an example of what to use reference images for

The folders I have for you to view are taken from
which contains the scary, horrific, piratic, devilish, demonic, remains of the dead, held in bondage and under constant observation by a multitude of Jesuses, Mary, his Mexican mother, The Lady Of The Guadalupe, Preying Hands, Celtic Crosses and a host of Angels and chubby cherubs:

Thanatos, The Harvester Of Souls more commonly known as
"The Grim Reaper"

Real Human Skulls And Human Made Skulls
Used For Medical, Educational And Entertainment Purposes

Skeletal Bones
Skeletons And Boney Parts

Art Of The Skull
Temp Tats, Flash, Fine Art, Gothic...
You name it... If it's a skull It's here.
Except for Jolly Roger and hanky wrapped Pirate Skulls still in the Pirate Dirctory in my HD.

Skull Body Art
Real Skin... Real Needles... Real Blood!... Real Tattoos

Jokers, Jesters, Harlequins, Mimes And Clowns

I have now run out of my allocted disk space that I am allowed by Bravenet, my FREE WEB HOST that Steven found and registered an account with for me. Many Many Thanks, Steven. I will do editing and deleting to get more folders online.
What you see is just a tip of the iceberg and not much of the tip that I would like to put online so that my friends can access the files. I have... oh... a little over 2 gigabytes of image files on my hard drive... If I remember right... about 13,000... that could be used as reference images. Images that could be used for web design and for graphic programs and image editors that uses environment and texture images for special effects, gleaned from the web
but HEY! They were invading MY computer!
I'm not selling them, making money from the originals and I'm not copying them because
I can make my own designs.
Some times it's just nice to have a point of reference, a shape that would help you to make shapes, an expression on a face, the position or proportion of body parts or maybe the atmosphere... the "feel" of the image is one that you would like to create in your own design.

In conclusion...
I would like to say what I have come to learn is a standard line on the internet.


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