"The first I heard of fractals was in 1998, when a friend of mine gave me a book published for educational institution use. Mathematics used for Fractals, stated in the book, were used to measure inconsistant and wandering delineations such as coastlines, clouds and the spreading of one kind of paint, different in color, density and consistancy with another.

Although I love to generate these beautiful fractal images, mine do not compare with fractals found in fractal galleries such asSeattle Fractalswhose definition for a fractals is: "A geometric pattern that is repeated (iterated) at ever smaller (or larger) scales to produce (self similar) irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical (Euclidian) geometry. From the Latin word fractus meaning broken, uneven.

Fractal images are created using mathematical formulas and color maps applied to Mandelbrot, Newton or Julia Sets and their variations such as Phoenix, Barnsley, Eyes and Dragon for the manipulation of the generated fractal and the filters applied to the fractal images which change their shape, depth, complexity and color.

Fractal Explorer and Tierazon, my two favorite programs, have many numerous functions and formulas for Polynomial, Quaternian, 3D attractors, and IFS fractal sets. The user can create and apply their own formulations. Further manipulations can be made in image editors such as Photoshop and Irfanview with filters and plugins to enhance the fractal images which are better made at a large pixel size. Kai's Power Tools 5 has a fractal generating feature that is fun to play with.

I have a tendancy to see human, animal or fantasy related forms in fractals and use those ideas when creating the final image. While looking through my fractal gallery, try to see these forms in the images.

The Shockwave Flash used for the "Enter Blackwidow's Portal To The Great Hall Of Galleries pages is made with a fractal.

I hope you enjoy viewing my fractal images as much as I did making them.

Blackwidow's Fractal
Quartic "Phoenix"
Fractal Explorer



Posterior View

Fiery Queen


Mardi Gras Man

Primary Scallops

Ring Of Harpos


Hell's Gate


Mined Monarch

At The Fair

Circle Study in Blue

Mother of Pearl

Cool Color Taffy

Funky Guru

Tiger Kit

The Big Curl

Chain Reaction


Imperfect Balance


Jolly Roger

Crocheted Octopi

Molten Mauve




"Moonlight Sonata"

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