"The Lovers Gallery"

Aerose Artistry
Airbrush Art By Denise
"The Airbrush Rose Of Texas"

Our Tee designs on display in our "Lovers Gallery" are
for the greater part standard airbrushed Tee Art that are
designed for your personalization to display the affection
shared between yourself and the lover in your life.
The design of your choice or a custom design from your
idea or artwork, "Your Name" and the "Name of your
True Love" will be airbrushed upon 50/50 cotton/polyester
blend Jerzees Super T's, well known for their high quality,
wrinkle resistant, non-shrinking, non-see-throughable tees
most women prefer.
Pricing for our airbrushed tees vary according to the
complexity of the design. Average pricing for standard
Aerose Artistry Airbrushed Tee Designs For Lovers
are $25 to $35. Custom designs are priced according
to subject and complexity of design in creating your very
own personalized, lovingly custom designed by you to
proudly display your "Never Ending True Love Story"
and one of a kind, "Airbrushed Work Of Wearable Art".

Contact Aerose Artistry, Airbrush Art By Denise, for pricing
and questions concerning our Airbrushed Tees For Lovers.
Hand painted one at a time just for you and your Eternal Flame.
Continued Below The Images Of Love

The Bangles
WMA 788 KB

"Jose' Feliciano"

To Roam The Texas Range Of "Airbrush Art By Denise"
Click the "Heart" of "The Airbrush Rose Of Texas"

Our new "Lovers Gallery" was secretly created by the "not so hot" (pun)
"went over like a lead balloon" idea of using for mood music
"Eternal Flame" by the "Bangles". The inspiriation to create the graphics:
By the fantastical "ideal" and heartbreaking "reality" of the quote:
"True Love Stories Never Have Endings",
The silhouettes of the lovers airbrushed on the first "Lovers Gallery"
Tee and Blackwidow's fractal "Cavern"".Later called into the
creative graphics making foray, "Flaming Fractal Of Fire", my first
generated fractal with my idealised vision of fractal flames.
Both of these Fractal Explorer generated fractals are
currently on display in the newly redecorated
"Blackwidow's Fractal Gallery".

The graphics for the "Lovers Gallery" and this entire website:
Generated in Fractal Explorer, edited in Photoshop 7
and Irfanview using Eye Candy 4000, Graphics Plus, Flaming Pear,
Paint Shop Pro 7, Coffee Cup Firestarter and Ulead Gif Animator.
The HTML FROM HELL was written laboriously by web design program
challenged lil ole me, my eternally flaming constant companion,
Ral Phthanatos Mephisto
("Ralph The Wonder Dog" in poodle disguise)
and a little help from my friends... in their spare time...
I'm sure you've heard of them...
the thousand monkeys in an overly odorous room with a
thousand typewriters on a thousand year mission to write
the complete works of Shakespeare.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed viewing my novice
attempts at web design in my new website and new
"Lovers Gallery" enough to take the time to !Sign My Dang Easel!.
And once again....

Many Thanks!

This Site is graphics and sound intensive (understatement) and maybe slow in loading.
This site was created and best viewed at a resolution of 1024x768.

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Aerose Artistry
Airbrush Art By Denise
"The Airbrush Rose Of Texas"

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