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Lorne's Canvas of "Tattoo Rodeo"

Completed Canvas
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The art and design layout of Steven Craig and his wonderful Custom Paint on the "Warlock" boat, "Tattoo Rodeo", owned by Mark and Lorne Copeland, has been the inspiration for Denise to create this 10' by 6' 3" canvas.
Denise's canvas displays the boat in the center surrounded by the graphics depicted on the boat.
A perfect example of the variance of artistic expression, style and talent between two artists using the same designs. The similar equipment and applications of custom airbrushing, applied to the differing supports/substrates of medium weight, medium texture ungessoed fine artist's canvas and fiberglass, utilizing the mediums of acrylics and urethanes, while not being identical in result, the ambience, detail and use of color with Denise's passionate freehand airbrushing and masking on her canvas is a compliment to the clean, sharp, perfection of Steven's technical and artistic precision airbrushing on Mark and Lorne's fiberglass boat.

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Denise Thurston-Newton
Aerose Aertistry
Airbrush Art By Denise

Steven Craig, SKC Customz
Mark and Lorne's boat

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The Airbrush Rose Of Texas

Extra And Outdated Images

Large Size Photo Image Slideshow
Large Size Photo Images Slideshow Of The Completed Canvas

Lorne's Canvas While Still In The Works

Small Size Photo Images Large Size Photo Images
Small Size Photo Images Large Size Photo Images

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